## indicates lead author

** indicates authors are alphabetically listed and have contributed equally

^^ indicates significant contribution to data collection, data analysis, and/or writing

Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

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Book (peer-reviewed)

Book chapters

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Papers under review

  • ^^ Vikram, K. and Chindarkar, N. “Bridging the Gender Gap in Cognitive Achievement in India: The Role of Food Supplementation in Early Childhood”. Revision requested, World Development.
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Working papers

  • ## Chindarkar, N.; Chen, Y.J.; and Sathe, S. “Impact of Farm Electricity Supply Management on Farm Households: Evidence from India”. Manuscript being prepared for submission to Energy Policy.
  • ## Chindarkar, N.; Nakajima, M.; and Wu, Alfred M. “Moving to Opportunity? Inequality of Opportunity in Health Among Rural, Urban, and Migrant Chinese Residents”. Manuscript being prepared for submission to Social Science & Medicine.
  • ## Aklin, M.; Chindarkar, N. et al. “Changing Landscape of Energy Access in India: Evidence from Longitudinal Data” (joint lead author). Manuscript being prepared for submission to Nature Energy.

Reports and other publications

  • Chindarkar, N. and Leegwater, A. (2011). “STRIVE Mozambique: Exploring Relationships between Social Capital and Household and Child Outcomes”. Working Paper. The IRIS Center at the University of Maryland, College Park.
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